New airport Beijing will open in October 2019

The Chinese authorities have announced that the new Beijing airport will open on 1 October 2019.

The current airport of Beijing can no longer cope with the enormous passenger flows and therefore this airport has the most delays in the world. With the construction of the new mega airport, which will be located at the south of the city center of the Chinese capital in the Daxing district, the number of delays will be minimized. The new airport will have four runways, 268 places to park the planes and a total terminal area of ​​700,000 square meters. This will make the new airport one of the largest in the world. Passengers travelling via the new airport will have the advantage that the walking distances are much shorter than those at the current Beijing airport. Also the new airport has been designed in such a way that the aircrafts only have to taxi a short distance, resulting in less CO2 emissions. Annually, the new Beijing Airport will be able to handle 620,000 flights and around 130 million passengers which will reduce the pressure on the overcrowded Beijing Capital International Airport.


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"New airport Beijing will open in October 2019"

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