Lufthansa Group, for pleasant and rewarding travel

Lufthansa Group carriers attach great importance to continuous innovation that covers all aspects of every flight. Lufthansa Group carriers regularly introduce new and innovative products and services, offering business travellers a pleasant and rewarding experience.

PartnerPlusBenefit, the loyalty programme of the Lufthansa Group carriers and its partners, currently offers 5 times the normal number of BenefitPoints on Lufthansa- and SWISS-operated flights between Amsterdam and India. This promotion is valid between 15 April and 14 June 2019.

On 1 April, Austrian Airlines celebrated 60 years of continuous services between Amsterdam and Vienna.

Brussels Airlines is introducing a whole new Business Class on its long-haul flights, offering a ‘boutique hotel in the air’: a small-scale, personal experience on board. The long-haul fleet will be gradually refitted with the new product.

Eurowings will start offering priority boarding for passengers travelling with SMART fare. So far, priority boarding has only been available for status and BIZclass passengers.

On 26 March, Lufthansa received the ‘Airlines of the Year’ award from the trade magazine Air Transport World (ATW) in New York. For the first time in 14 years, one of the most important international awards in the aviation industry has been given to a European airline.

SWISS is refurbishing all travel classes in its Airbus A340 fleet. The first aircraft with the new cabins took off at the beginning of March. All five A340s will be refurbished in turn. The refurbishment is expected to be completed by the summer. The new seats are of the latest standard, and the new inflight entertainment system will offer internet connectivity.

For more information about the Lufthansa Group, please contact our Travel Consultants. They’ll be happy to provide you with more information or assist you in booking your ticket.

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"Lufthansa Group, for pleasant and rewarding travel"

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