Looking forward to corporate events

Uitkijken naar een zakelijke bestemming

Now that all kinds of relaxations are being implemented as a result of COVID-19, it is possible to start up corporate events again, both in the Netherlands and abroad. Are you up for it again? We’re really looking forward to it! We are ready to select beautiful ingredients for you, so that you can soon offer your guests a tasteful event.

Online inspection

There’s nothing like taking a look at the location before inviting your guests. This gives you an idea of the space and its surroundings, and allows you to assess whether the location is suitable for you. Many locations such as hotels, museums and meeting venues currently offer online guided tours. Previously, we used to take visits to a location on a physical inspection trip. We hope that this will be possible again soon, but in these circumstances it is also possible to visit online. The location allows you to see how they have responded to the new normal in a digital way.

Are you curious and do you have a location in mind? Or do you leave the choice of location to us? We always ensure that you get an online inspection trip, if the location facilitates this. This allows you to make a well-considered choice, because your corporate event still needs to be discussed extensively.

Duty of Care

Every country has its own rules about the new normal. In the Netherlands we talk about the ‘1.5 metre society’, but in other countries the desired distance between people is sometimes less or sometimes more than 1.5 metres.

In order for you and your guests to travel safely in the future, we have drawn up a checklist which we share with our local partners that describes the rules we believe a location should comply with. Think about this:

  • Marked walking routes and waiting areas.
  • Protective equipment for personnel, such as mouth caps or plexiglass mudguards.
  • Presence of disinfectant and tissues.
  • Frequent cleaning of rooms, furniture, toilets and other contact points.
  • Coronaproof serving lunch and dinner.

In case of an assignment, we will inform you how this will be arranged on site. After all, it is not only important to meet your Duty of Care when travelling on business, but also when organising a corporate event. Our Project Managers of the Corporate Events team will be happy to assist you.


What will be your next adventure? Our Corporate Events Project Managers are ready to make your event a success. Contact us or make an appointment.

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"Looking forward to corporate events"