Let us organise your teambuilding activity!

A strong, well-aligned team is one of the key aspects of a successful company – a team where people trust, motivate, accept and inspire each other. A teambuilding activity is the best way to achieve this. And that’s exactly where our Project Managers of the Corporate Events department can help out. Go beyond spending an evening at the bowling alley. Cross the border, undertake other activities than usual, make something together, do it differently.

Create a masterpiece in Barcelona

For example, you could go to Barcelona with your team and create a colossal masterpiece together. How? An A3-size replica of a famous painting serves as a basis. Each participating ‘artist’ chooses a part of the painting. When everyone is finished, the parts are put together. Regardless of the result, the process guarantees a lot of fun and a very special creative experience in the open air.

Singing in London

Do you want to get to know each other properly? Then get out of your comfort zone as a team. Go to the legendary Abbey Road Studios in London and follow in the footsteps of pop legends like The Beatles, Pink Floyd and the Spice Girls. Together with a team of producers and musicians, you will record a song of your choice. Of course, you will also get a copy to take back home with you. For your ears only?

Hit the puck in Prague

Discover hidden talents in Prague – or maybe not. It doesn’t require any experience. Just take on the challenge of an ice hockey workshop. The fun starts in the locker room when your team members get dolled up in a complete hockey outfit. Always good for a laugh, and a great way to connect. Then you get onto the ice for a 15-minute warm-up with instructions. This is followed by a real race. Don’t be afraid to fall, that’s going to happen anyway. Your outfit will protect you. You can then brag about it during the closing buffet.

These are just a few examples of an ‘alternative’ team outing, but success is guaranteed. Would you like to hear more about the options for your team? Make an appointment with the VCK Corporate Events team, and they’ll be happy to help you arrange a teambuilding activity abroad.

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"Let us organise your teambuilding activity!"

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