KLM Blue Bot offers assistance with packing luggage

What do you think about getting help with packing your luggage for a trip? This is possible with Blue Bot (BB), the virtual packaging assistant of KLM who offers customized assistance when packing your suitcase.

The service bot of KLM operates via Google Home and is interactive, intelligent and communicates with the traveller via speech. Blue Bot is based on artificial intelligence and gives personal advice about the necessary luggage items by looking at the destination, the duration of the trip and the local weather forecast.

How does it work?
Google Home is a wireless smart speaker, with the possibility to perform various services through voice commands. Travellers can use Blue Bot by calling KLM with voice orders via Google Home. The service bot is based on artificial intelligence, which is linked to KLM and external technology. Blue Bot provides the traveller with an intelligent and interactive luggage list via Google Home. Blue Bot is self-learning and has its own personality; helpful, friendly and professional. By using the virtual packing assistant more often, it will become smarter and more professional. In the future Blue Bot will offer more services via different social media. For example, when you are unable to arrange specific items immediately such as a visa application, it will be possible to send a reminder to your favorite social media via Google Home.  

Source: KLM

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"KLM Blue Bot offers assistance with packing luggage"

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