Go on an adventure with your incentive trip

Get to know your colleagues better by ‘going on an adventure’ together. Of course, this adventure can take many different forms, such as back to basics in Denmark or driving along the Amalfi coastline in an Italian classic car. In business, we often talk about building bridges in the figurative sense. But you can also do it literally, in the beautiful nature of Norway. Be adventurous and go in search of the unknown with your incentive trip. VCK Travel’s Corporate Events Team will be happy to help you organise your group trip, but also your event, meeting or conference, both in the Netherlands and abroad.

‘Hygge’ in Denmark

‘Hygge’ means something like ‘fun and comfortable conviviality’ in Danish. And that’s the right way to describe this adventure. Together with your team, you build a fire, eat together and spend the night in Kragerup’s ‘shelter town’ – in a hut in the woods. And then you get to work during the day, riding a zip line up to 28 metres high to explore the treetops and enjoy great views. That sounds pretty adventurous, don’t you agree?

Amalfi coast in South Italy

More interested in a coastal location? Your wish is our command! The Amalfi Coast is a perfect destination. Sunshine, blue sea, delicious food and hospitable people – there’s plenty to look forward to. You can also go for a drive along the coastline in an Italian classic car. If you’re more into rest and relaxation, the Valley of the Mills may be just what you’re looking for. This more than 700-year-old valley is an unknown and very well-kept secret, where you can walk with enthusiastic guides. You walk from Ravello to Amalfi, enjoying a wide variety of beautiful natural landscapes along the way: waterfalls, ruins, vast lemon groves, and much more. A delicious authentic lunch is served on a local farm, with fresh olive oil, tomatoes, pasta and bread, and of course a good glass of wine.

Building bridges in Norway

We talk a lot about building bridges in business – in a figurative sense. But why not take up the challenge and literally build a bridge out of rope? This is the ultimate teambuilding adventure, out in the countryside, just a short distance from Oslo. All day long, you’ll be outdoors, making campfires and sleeping in tents. This adventure will bring out the best in you and your guests. It certainly makes a change from the conference room! Are you ready to join in?

What will your next adventure be? Our Project Managers of the Corporate Events team will be happy to help you plan your next project! Contact us or make an appointment.

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"Go on an adventure with your incentive trip"

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