Faster through security in US at KLM and Air France

The Precheck program of the American Transportation Security Administration, which makes it possible for travellers to pass the security check faster at more than 200 American airports, is now also available for passengers of KLM and Air France.

Travellers who participate in the TSA Precheck are allowed to, for example, leave on their shoes and jacket during the security check in the USA. Also, jewellery and belts do not have to be removed, the laptop can stay inside the luggage and liquids are allowed in the baggage. This saves a lot of time and reduces the average waiting time for the check to only five minutes. The TSA Precheck is available for US citizens, US nationals and persons with the lawful permanent resident status, who travel with KLM and Air France and depart from, or travel within the United States. Travellers who wish to apply for this program can register for $ 85 per person. After the registration, a personal meeting with a TSA agent will be planned. During a ten minute conversation, the background of the traveller will be checked and fingerprints will be taken. If a person is approved as a participant of the program, the TSA Precheck logo or the text 'TSA Pre' will appear on the boarding pass. After approval for the program, the TSA Precheck can be used for five years. Would you like to know more about the PreCheck of the Transportation Security Administration or do you want to apply? Please use this link.

Source: KLM, Transportation Security Information

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"Faster through security in US at KLM and Air France"

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