Fast Forward to Frankfurt with ICE International

Planning a business trip to Frankfurt? Then travelling by ICE International is a smart move. It’s faster and more comfortable than driving or flying. No traffic jams, no speed cameras or speeding tickets, no searching for overpriced parking spaces, no queuing, and plenty of legroom.

Fastest way of travelling

If you want relaxed travel, going by train will be a breath of fresh air. That applies in particular for journeys of up to 700 km, which includes Frankfurt. Travelling by rail is then generally the quickest way, because you end up right in the city centre or – if you want – at the airport. You can travel directly from Amsterdam to the centre of Frankfurt in less than 4 hours.

Relaxing on the move

No matter whether you’re going to Frankfurt for a city trip or for business, you always want to get there feeling rested and well prepared – ready for your meeting, ready to discover the city. Stretch your legs, connect up your laptop, download your e-mail, watch a film or read the newspapers, which are free of charge in first class. Or walk along to the bar/bistro, where you can order simple meals, sandwiches, salads, hot snacks or drinks. Drinks and snacks are also on offer at your seat in the first-class carriages.

Panorama Lounge

The ICE International trains also have Panorama Lounge carriages, where you can enjoy a unique experience. Through a glass partition wall you get the same view as the train driver, while the landscape flies past you at 300 kilometres per hour.


You can also book your train journey with your VCK Travel Consultant! Just contact them, and they’ll be happy to assist.

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"Fast Forward to Frankfurt with ICE International"

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