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Exceptions to the entry ban in the Netherlands

The entry restriction that was in force in the Netherlands since March 18th will be adjusted. This is good news for business travelers from outside the EU, Schengen Member States or the United Kingdom. The Dutch government has decided to allow some exceptions because of the large negative impact, social and economic importance.


The entry restriction for travelers who make an important contribution to the Dutch business community, including small and medium-sized businesses, and the Dutch top-class sport will be relaxed. The relaxations with respect to top athletes will take effect as of September 14, 2020.

For people from the business community, the relaxations will take effect as of September 21, 2020 if they meet the following requirements:

  • The traveler must be in possession of an invitation with a confirmed appointment with or visit to a registered company in the Netherlands or with the NFIA.
  • The appointment is urgent and it is necessary that the appointment takes place in physical form.
  • The appointment must meet at least one of the following conditions:
    • The visit involves a potential foreign direct investment in the Netherlands of significant size:
      a) at least 5 new jobs are created, or
      b) a minimum of € 500,000 is invested.
    • The visit involves a potential foreign direct investment that contributes to:
      a) the strengthening of the Dutch innovative capacity, or
      b) making the Dutch economy more sustainable, or
      c) the further digitisation of the Dutch economy.
    • The visit is of great economic importance for a specific organization based in the Netherlands:
      a) The organization to be visited has at least 10 fte and/or 2 million annual turnover, or
      b) the importance of the visit appears for example when the visit is essential for the passage of the daily functionalities and/or the preservation and/or creation of jobs or the preservation and/or growth of the turnover of the company.

To prove this, the business traveller must submit a substantiated application to the Dutch embassy in his or her country. If the embassy approves the application, the traveler will receive a ‘Nota Verbale’ which must be shown at the border control. He or she must also be in possession of a return ticket, a confirmed hotel reservation and – if a visa is required – a valid visa.

Other sectors

Highly qualified professionals from the cultural and creative sector, journalists and researchers are also being sought to adapt. The government aims to establish these conditions as soon as possible, so that the entry restriction can also be relaxed for these groups.

Home quarantine

It has been decided to add the following travel destinations to the existing exceptions to the home quarantine measure; necessary missions by members of a government and/or civil servants, participation in top sports, necessary trips that demonstrably contribute to the interest of the Dutch economy and society, journalism, studying abroad (border students), research or professional cultural activities.

The formulation of these travel goals will be further specified, so that it is clear to everyone when a travel goal is involved for which the home quarantine may be abandoned. In addition, groups of people are no longer excluded from home quarantine, but are allowed to leave home quarantine for specific purposes. A top athlete may therefore travel to play sports, and a frontier worker to work, but must also abide by the general rules of home quarantine if he or she comes from a high-risk area. If the situation in the Netherlands or in other countries changes, this can lead to an adjustment or tightening of the relaxations.

Would you like to book a ticket for your business trip or for your top athletes? Please contact with your Travel Consultant and they will help you further. More information about the travel restrictions per country can be found on our website.

Source: Rijksoverheid.nl / Luchtvaartnieuws.nl

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"Exceptions to the entry ban in the Netherlands"

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