Events with impact

Drawing on many years of experience, VCK Travel Corporate Events has also kept close track of the various developments in the events industry. One such development that we often see, and which keeps coming back, is that a corporate event must be a real experience. The meeting, event or trip should leave an impression on the guests.

Corporate events that will long be remembered

Long gone are the days of business meetings in a small room with a PowerPoint presentation on a beamer supported by handouts. If you wish to convey a powerful business message, you need to focus on your brand and message, immersing your audience in your brand. The technology is already available to create such immersive experiences. We call them ‘events with impact’.

A visual experience

It’s not only meetings that are exchanging their old recipe for something new. Business dinners are also adding more and more special ingredients. Thanks to video mapping, anything is possible these days. Your table may serve as an excellent background for 3D visualisations projected via a beamer. Imagine a Santa Claus walking across the table to roll a ball of ice cream on your plate, and then toss in some raspberries from his igloo. No matter how unreal this may sound, it’s all possible with today’s technology.

Don Draper’s place

You can finish your dinner off with a drink anywhere. But why not finish off your event with an experience? Having a drink at De Jane in Copenhagen has taken this to the next level. This bar is inspired by Man Men and has hidden doors among the bookshelves. You and your party enter an old library with a fireplace and Chesterfield chairs, where waiters serve drinks in uniform. At 10pm, the hidden doors open and lead to a trendy bar. At midnight, the curtains behind this bar open up, revealing a nightclub with a DJ and dance floor. That creates impact!

As you can see, there is a different meeting, event or incentive trip to suit all your guests, goals and wishes. Our Project Managers will be happy to assist you in this. Please contact our Corporate Events team to make an appointment or to request more information.

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