Earn points with Singapore Airlines’ HighFlyer

Whenever you book a Singapore Airlines or SilkAir ticket as an SME, you will automatically earn HighFlyer business points for each flight. Without requiring a minimum annual travel budget, the HighFlyer programme enables Small and Medium-sized enterprises with no more than thirty business travellers to earn five HighFlyer points for every Singapore dollar (S$1) spent on tickets. In addition, the SME’s business travellers earn KrisFlyer miles. KrisFlyer is Singapore Airlines’ frequent flyer programme, and the employee’s KrisFlyer account is linked to the company’s HighFlyer account.

As an enterprise, you have the flexibility of choosing how and when the HighFlyer points can be used. For example, you can use the points to pay for future flights with Singapore Airlines or SilkAir, in full or partially. You can keep track of all your transactions online. They are valid for three years. For more information about HighFlyer, check out the Singapore Airlines website or contact our Travel Consultants. They will be happy to provide you with more information or help you book your ticket.

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"Earn points with Singapore Airlines’ HighFlyer"

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