Dynamic Pricing leads to higher prices

These days, travellers are frequently confronted with changing ticket conditions and variable prices. A good example of this is KLMʼs Dynamic Pricing: ticket prices depend on the season and on how far in advance you make your booking. We have been familiar with this system for years, but now it has been extended with flexible ticket deadlines.

Flexible ticket deadlines
The ticket deadline is the latest date by which your ticket must be printed. Until this date, you can still change your reservation. More expensive tickets can usually still be confirmed shortly before departure. But there’s a new risk. Airlines are now frequently changing the ticket deadlines of existing bookings. If your ticket has not been confirmed by the deadline, you risk cancellation of your booking, and a new booking will be more expensive. The only way to prevent this is to confirm and print your ticket straightaway.

Confirm your ticket on time
We therefore advise you to print your ticket immediately after booking, so that both your reservation and ticket price are guaranteed. Only if you think there is a strong chance that you will need to change your booking, you may want to wait. But even then it might be cheaper to pay the costs of changing rather than running the risk of a much higher rate. Ask our Travel Consultants for advice – they know what will be the best option for you. We cannot be held liable for the consequences of changed ticket deadlines.

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"Dynamic Pricing leads to higher prices"

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