Dining ‘differently’ at your event

Enjoying food makes people happy. That’s why a well-organised dinner is an excellent tool to add to your corporate event. Dining together connects people, creating a sense of community and a positive atmosphere. A business dinner does not necessarily have to take place in a restaurant, but can also be designed in other ways. Our Project Managers of Corporate Events are happy to think along with you if you would like things to be just that little bit different. Let us give you a taste of our gastronomic ideas.

Dining on the move

Invite your guests on board the Portuguese presidential train and step into an environment that exudes quality and wealth. We can offer you an unforgettable culinary railroad experience that goes far beyond the taste buds. Are you ready for a more challenging location? We can also organise a dinner ‘at height’ for your event. In a cable car gondola you’ll enjoy stunning views over the Slovenian Alps combined with delicious food.

Famous chefs and locations

Authentic dishes taste best where they come from. Ever heard of Refika’s Kitchen? This lady is a famous TV chef from Turkey, and her cooking workshop is a unique experience. While cooking local Turkish dishes, she tells her personal stories about each ingredient. A special location is definitely an added value to any dinner. We can recommend the Il Padrino castle, where the famous film ‘The Godfather’ was shot. In the morning you and your guests will join the chef to discover the local market, where you’ll buy the ingredients for your Sicilian dinner together. Under the watchful eye of an Italian mama, you’ll then cook your own heavenly food. Enjoy!

Cooking is chemistry

Introduce your guests to innovative cooking methods that you can’t use in your own kitchen at home. In a Future Food Laboratory, you can create delicious dishes, using chemical ingredients such as liquid nitrogen or dry ice. Together with your guests, you’ll be able to put something sensational on the table. A great place to experience this new way of cooking is in Riga, the capital of Latvia.

These are only a few examples of unforgettable dining experiences. Would you also like to organise a special dinner for your guests? Or set up a business meeting or trip? Contact the VCK Travel Corporate Events team, and they’ll be happy to help you!

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"Dining ‘differently’ at your event"