Dining at 10,000 metres with China Southern Airlines

A three-course dinner, fried eggs for breakfast or a traditional Asian dish? With China Southern Airlines, you can enjoy dishes from both Asian and Western cuisines while enjoying a glass of wine from a well-known vineyard – at 10,000 metres.

Dinner for Business Class passengers starts with hot and cold canapés, followed by soup and a cold starter. For the main course, you can choose from various dishes with warm bread. For dessert, make your choice from a cheese platter, fruit, ice-cream or cheesecake. China Southern Airlines offers Economy Class passengers a choice of warm bread with noodles, beefsteak or rice with pork, plus vegetables and fruit or a dessert.

If you choose one of the Chinese main dishes, you will be enjoying the remarkable tastes of the Cantonese (Lingnan) cuisine. Discover authentic Chinese specialities. The dishes may consist of a bowl of beef noodles, or a Cantonese rice stew and rice noodles in Guangdong style. While enjoying your dinner, you can choose from dozens of wines from well-known vineyards from various countries, as well as from famous brands of brandy, whisky and liqueur.

Do you have special religious and/or medical requirements? Contact our Travel Consultants at least 24 hours before departure or check the meal options available on China Southern Airlines’ website.

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"Dining at 10,000 metres with China Southern Airlines"

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