Crew.NET offers at least 4 advantages for ship crew management

We have been experts in the field of Marine Travel for many years, transporting tens of thousands of seafarers to and from their ships every year. We know the market and the needs of our customers. We also know where bottlenecks may occur. This results in good advice and travel coordination. Our unique and effective Crew.NET tool enables you to directly exchange information with maritime crewing systems, which considerably simplifies your booking process. Curious? Check out the 4 advantages of Crew.NET below.

The main advantages of Crew.NET:

  • Demonstrable reduction of costs, thanks to significantly more efficient processing. With Crew.NET, your crew department will save at least 30% of the time normally required to relieve crews.
  • Quicker crew planning with direct links. Final flight details are automatically entered into your crew planning system. No need to re-enter any data.
  • No spelling mistakes or mismatches, because passenger information comes straight out of your planning system. This prevents the booking of new, often more expensive, flights.
  • You are charged a lower fee for VCK Travel’s services if you make use of Crew.NET.

Want to know more about Crew.NET? We will think along with you and will be happy to take the logistical problems of crew changes out of your hands. Check our video for more information or contact us. We will check out immediately how we can make crew changes more economical and more efficient for your organization.

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"Crew.NET offers at least 4 advantages for ship crew management"

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