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COVID-19 puts authorisation under the magnifying glass

Travelling will be different with COVID-19. More and more borders are opening up, which makes business travel easier. But maybe you do not want your employees or travellers to travel to certain destinations or areas yet, or you want to arrange an extra check when booking your business trips. This exceptional time is all about safety and health and that situation cannot be guaranteed everywhere and is not the same or as you are used to in the Netherlands.


At VCK Travel we are currently seeing a trend that customers are putting the authorisation process under the magnifying glass. And that is a worldwide trend, because from other foreign Radius Travel members we hear the same developments. It is a logical consequence of the coronavirus outbreak and we advise our customers to think about this authorisation. Can anyone just book any trip? Have you determined which trips can be booked without internal approval or are there restrictions and do certain destinations need to be approved first? Testing and implementing adjustments in the authorisation process are things we support you with as your Travel Management Company.

Full service

If you want to have control over who goes where, a full service is excellent for you. Because in an online booking tool you cannot add this authorisation or only add a limited number of authorisations and you lose this control. This is something you shouldn’t want these days. At VCK Travel, this authorisation can be perfectly arranged in our full service service. We will discuss your wishes together and these will be recorded, after which the operation will be taken care of for you.

Still intact?

Another unpleasant consequence of COVID-19 may be that personnel changes have occurred in your organization. As a result of these changes, your authorisation structure may no longer be intact. Make sure that we are aware of the changes made by your authorised bookers. In this way, we can work together to ensure that your business travellers can quickly get back on the road for you with the correct approvals.


Are you convinced that our full service might be better suited to you than an online booking tool in the current circumstances, after reading this article? Or would you also like to add an authorisation in the booking process of your business trips? No problem, contact your Account Manager and they will get to work for you.

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"COVID-19 puts authorisation under the magnifying glass"

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