ConnectionSaver – United Airlines

United Airlines introduces its new tool: ConnectionSaver. This tool aims to optimise the experience of travellers with connecting United flights. Whereas in the past, United Airlines gate agents had to decide intuitively whether to hold a plane to wait for another flight to arrive, this decision can now be taken on the basis of the latest technology.

Fewer missed connections, without inconveniencing others

The new technology determines whether a flight should be held or not. Via the tool, connecting passengers receive a personalised text message when they have landed, with information about their next flight and a map with the quickest route to their new gate. The tool gives travellers enough time to make their connecting flight, without inconveniencing others. So far, the average hold time has been six minutes, enabling 14,400 travellers to make a connecting flight they would otherwise have missed.

Expanding quickly

ConnectionSaver aims to provide both passengers and airline employees with the most up-to-date information to make it as easy and stress-free as possible to connect flights. The tool was launched in February 2019 at Denver International Airport, and since then has expanded to Chicago O’Hare International Airport. These are two of the airline’s busiest hubs. This autumn, the ConnectionSaver tool will be expanded to other United hubs and all other airports that United operates at.

Do you have questions about ConnectionSaver or would you like to book a flight? Contact your Travel Consultant, who will be happy to assist!

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"ConnectionSaver – United Airlines"

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