Closer together with a ‘at a distance’ event

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From March onwards we all work from home as much as possible, we don’t shake hands with each other anymore and social distancing is suddenly the reality after the coronavirus outbreak. What a crazy sensation, don’t you think? We think there are at least five reasons to organize an event at this time that provides connection, relaxation and motivation. It brings your employees, customers and/or relations closer together again.

From working from home to working together

Working from home demands a lot. Letting go, working alone and independently and missing out on contacts. It has taken time to get used to this and if we follow the guidelines of the RIVM, that period could be six months.

Fortunately, there are enough technical possibilities that make it easier to work together remotely, such as video calls and the group treasure. But this is different than really being in the same room with each other and where non-verbal communication is an important part of working together. COVID-19 makes everything different.

Five reasons

Due to the relaxations that have been made in recent weeks, we can get used to the idea of going back to the office or visiting our business relations again. How can you prepare for this, so that everyone starts working with the same spirit?

Organising an event in the coronation era can help. Here are five reasons why you should really consider it.

  • Thank your employees and your business associates for their commitment and flexibility over the past period in the individual lockdown.
  • To prepare for a renewed collaboration together, instead of working alone and independently.
  • To regain and strengthen the group feeling.
  • It gives an energy booster.
  • A satisfied team is motivated and involved.

Enough ingredients

The Project Managers of the Corporate Events team at VCK Travel have enough ideas to organise a good event together with you. With the right ingredients, a fantastic menu will be put together for you that will be discussed for a long time to come, because that is what you want.

Bring your team closer together with a ‘at a distance’ event. This can be an online event where everyone participates from home, but also a national or international event where the 1.5 meter distance is taken into account. Because there are also these possibilities.

A foreign experience

More and more countries are opening their borders after the COVID-19 outbreak. At VCK Travel we keep a close eye on this and are aware of all the ‘rules of the game’ of countries, but also of airlines, public transport companies, hotels and meeting locations. We will be happy to advise you on these.


On the basis of a checklist, we check sites for compliance with the rules drawn up by the RIVM. Abroad, of course, we check the location for the rules and measures that apply in the country in question. We support you in your Duty of Care and ensure a successful event.

Exchanging views

Curious about social distancing events? Contact our Corporate Events team and the Project Managers will spar with you to set up a programme for you for an event to remember.

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"Closer together with a ‘at a distance’ event"

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