CIBTvisas Digital Photo Service

To help you save time and effort, CIBTvisas, our partner in the field of visa applications, has introduced the CIBTvisas Digital Photo Service. This photo service allows you to get a suitable photo for your passport or visa application in a fast and easy way.

Use your own digital camera or smartphone to take a photo in the comfort of your own home or office, and upload it to the CIBTvisas website. CIBTvisas will ensure that your photo meets all requirements of the authorities and the embassy with regard to your visa application.

How does it work?
You use your own digital camera or smartphone, and you need to take the photo against a completely white background. You should be looking directly into the camera, facing forward, head straight. The photo should include your shoulders (covered) and you must have a neutral expression. Do not wear non-prescription glasses, uniforms or head coverings. Your hair may be covered for religious purposes, but your face must be visible. Glasses you wear on a daily basis are allowed, provided your eyes are clearly visible in the photo.

For the photo to be acceptable, it is important that there is sufficient space around your head. To achieve this, the photographer should stand at least 1.5 metres away from you. The photo must be in colour and be free of shadows. Once the photo has been taken, you can upload it to CIBTvisas’ website so that it can be used for your passport or visa application. The costs of CIBTvisas’ photo service are €25 per traveller, excluding VAT.

Source: CIBTvisas

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