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Of course, you want your business travellers to be able to travel healthily and safely. This does not only mean that only healthy travellers go abroad, but also that they stay healthy during the trip and return healthy again. Using the list below, you can easily check whether you have everything ready now that business travel with COVID-19 is slowly starting up again.


It goes without saying that only healthy persons are allowed to travel. To prevent employees from travelling who have complaints or are at extra risk because of health, it is important to draw up a checklist that your employees must comply with, before they can travel. Because in case of a cold or corona symptoms, they have to stay at home. By ensuring that you only allow people who are healthy and do not belong to the at-risk group to travel, this gives confidence to fellow travellers. By doing so, you are showing that you are taking Duty of Care very seriously.

Traveller public health declaration and tests

Many airlines ask for a public health declaration per passenger before departure from the Netherlands. This public health declaration can be downloaded from the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport website.

Some countries make it a requirement for passengers to be able to show a COVID PCR test with a negative result. KLM Health Services is an organization that carry out these tests, regardless of which airline company or mode of transport they are using. The results are available within 24 -32 hours and you will receive the results in the form of a certificate in English by e-mail. Please visit the KLM Health Services website for more information.

Protective equipment

Airlines and public transport companies all over the world have drawn up all kinds of precautions and wearing mouth caps is often mandatory.

From the point of view of your Duty of Care, you may consider to provide your passengers with a basic set of personal protective equipment, such as a mouth cap and a bottle of anti-bacterial hand sanitizer (please note: only small quantities are allowed).


Here is a short checklist of what you need to have arranged or checked in advance, so that you can let your business travellers go on a healthy journey.

  • Draw up a checklist to determine who can and cannot go on a business trip.
  • Check the travel insurance, with what is and is not covered during the COVID-19 outbreak.
  • Check the latest travel advice on
  • View the restrictions of the country to visit on the COVID-19 map of VCK Travel.
  • Make the Traveller public health declaration available to your business travellers, for example on your intranet or by e-mail.
  • Business travellers are advised that they can have a PCR test carried out at KLM Health Services. Decide in advance whether they can claim these costs from you
  • Provide personal protection equipment for during the business trip.
  • Establish a procedure describing what a traveller must do if he or she suspects that he or she has become ill during the trip.

Make sure that your business travellers are well prepared for the trip by helping them with this. Would you like personal advice about a booking? Then please contact our Travel Consultants. Would you like to test your Duty of Care and pay extra attention to the health of your business travellers? Then please contact our Account Management department.

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"Checklist for healthy business travel"

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