Charter flights a good alternative to scheduled flights

Chartervlucht als alternatief voor een lijndienstvlucht

With many commercial scheduled flights not yet available, charter flights are a good alternative for some customers. Charter flights are flights that are not operated according to a fixed schedule, but on an ad hoc basis on behalf of one or more customers, who want a group of people to travel together. In fact, a tailor-made aircraft is rented for the day, time and route that the customer wishes. For example, we recently provided a charter flight for a company in the offshore industry, which had to send a number of employees to a project in Turkey. With our expertise, the business travellers of this client arrived at the right destination.

More external factors

In some situations, charter flights are an ideal replacement for scheduled service flights. For example, the traveller can also go to airports closer to his final destination than where normal scheduled flights go. Groningen, for example, can be more convenient for travellers who actually need to be in Delfzijl. But there are also more airport options to depart from. Another additional advantage is that social distancing on board your ‘own’ flight can be more easily achieved.

This type of booking only involves a lot more than booking a scheduled flight. Local authorities, landing rights but also the COVID-19 rules of the entering country and of the charter airline. Challenges that we at VCK Travel put our teeth into and do everything we can to help the customer. This extra step is already standard in our services and is also important in the corona era, where customers sometimes have their hands full with complex issues.

Required knowledge

The fact that a lot of knowledge and experience is required for charter bookings is evident from the many changes that arose after the first proposal was made to this client. Adjustments in the number of persons and their luggage meant that a larger aircraft had to be found. The local authorities initially did not cooperate, as a result of which planned departure dates were postponed several times. But also the lack of landing rights. Eventually a departure from Maastricht was chosen, because there was a suitable aircraft there that was many times cheaper than an available aircraft at Schiphol.

A good cooperation between VCK Travel, the charter company, the customer and local contacts, eventually ensured that the business travellers, after having been quarantined for 14 days as a precaution, are now at their destination to participate in their project.

Just one of many examples of what we, as a travel management company, can do for you. Do you also have a travel request that cannot be carried out via the commercial scheduled services because they do not currently fly? Let us know by contacting us and we will make sure that we can help you further.

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"Charter flights a good alternative to scheduled flights"