Challenges at Schiphol affect business travel

Since the end of April, Schiphol Airport is facing mayor challenges, amongst others due to a shortage of security personnel. Schiphol therefore decided to drastically reduce the number of departing passengers at the airport in the coming summer period. The consequences are far-reaching and are already noticeable, because we receive many questions about already booked flights. All cancellations and re-bookings create a lot of extra work for our Business Travel Consultants.

The problems are not only limited to flying. Travellers who have chosen to travel to Brussels by train have also been informed that, due to a shortage of train sets, Thalys has decided not to operate a number of trains. Travellers who want to go to Brussels or Düsseldorf by rental car instead of taking the train are faced with the worldwide shortage of rental cars due to a chip shortage at car manufacturers.

Hotels often have fewer staff and restaurants are also short of waiters. Hopefully you will understand that we have no influence on these circumstances.

We understand that all the reports in the press may cause you and your business travellers a great deal of unrest. Naturally, we will do everything we can to provide the best possible service. For this reason, we are currently processing bookings based on departure date. We do this to ensure that everyone can travel in the best possible way.

With the exceptionally busy summer period ahead of us, we advise you to seriously consider postponing your business trip.

If you decide to travel during this period, you can rest assured that we will do everything in our power to make your trip possible.

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"Challenges at Schiphol affect business travel"