Business travel made efficient

One of the most discussed topics in the business travel world over the past few months must surely have been technology. In fact, technology is ‘hot’ in all sectors, at a global level. So it will come as no surprise that we at VCK Travel are also talking and thinking about it. Online booking tools, NDC, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and blockchain – everyone is talking about these technologies, whether they know anything about them or not. One thing is clear though: technology is accelerating business services. The driver behind all these developments is speed, and therefore efficiency. And everyone will agree that it’s extremely handy to b able to make your own online bookings! You have everything at hand, you don’t need depend on your travel agency, and you can collect information and make your own choices at times that suit you.

Technological developments

At VCK Travel, we’re very much in favour of such technological developments. We’ve developed various customised tools and applications for our customers and, of course, we’ll continue to do so in the future. We’re convinced that such investments are useful when they contribute to the efficiency of business travel bookings.

However, sometimes it’s impossible to make the entire booking yourself. For example, you will always need a third party, such as VCK Travel, to arrange a flight ticket and boarding pass. In addition, you may have a complicated itinerary, certain dates and times may need to be changed, or you’re are simply too busy to do it all yourself. Then the full service of VCK Travel is your best choice: transparent and with our Personal Touch.

Process management

If we arrange your trips for you, you can rest assured that in the case of an emergency, one phone call will be sufficient. With our innovative Track & Trace tool, you get immediate insight into the whereabouts of your passengers. In fact, it’s always a good idea to book both your flight and hotel through us. If your itinerary changes, one phone call or email to us will be enough. This is more efficient than having to change the hotel yourself over the phone; especially if your hotel has no rooms available at a different date. The same goes for making the payment to the hotel. Getting your extra expenses reimbursed from your company will be a lot easier if we book the hotel for you. The expenses will then simply appear on the invoice. This makes the process much more efficient. What’s more, you often pay less for the room if you book it through us.

The user experience is not only determined by the technological interface, but rather by the complete range of services offered. Sometimes you may prefer a tool, at other times a human interface, or a combination of both. With our hybrid model, we make sure that booking your business trips is as efficient as possible – giving you peace of mind and the certainty that you’re paying the lowest possible price. And whether you book through NDC or our Travel Consultants, at VCK Travel, efficient business travel always equals full service.

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