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The coronavirus has been dominating the news for weeks. It’s terrible to see so many victims, and it’s still unclear when the situation will be under control. The economy is being hit hard, and the effects will be felt for a long time to come. In our sector, travel to and from China has more or less come to a standstill, as most airlines have stopped flying there for the time being, and this period keeps being extended. This type of situation has a global impact. And it may also impact the way you organise your business travel.

Duty of Care

Every company has a duty of care for the safety and health of its employees during working hours. This also applies when your employees travel on business. We take risk management seriously and help you in various ways to meet your duty of care. In our extra newsletter of 30 January 2020, for example, we suggested that you adjust your travel policy in response to the coronavirus. At the moment, it’s almost impossible to travel to China. Fair enough. But what if your business travellers are already in an emergency area? Do you know where your employees are right now? At VCK travel, we’ll always be ready to help you comply with your duty of care in emergency situations – today, tomorrow, and whenever you need us.

Emergency support

There are various types of emergencies that people may face during business trips, ranging from natural disasters such as storms or snow to strikes at airlines or airports. Such events may seriously affect your itinerary. In the event of travel disruptions, we send email alerts to our customers’ emergency contacts, and our 24/7 service ensures that we’re always ready to assist you. If you’re not registered as an emergency contact, but would still like to be kept informed of alerts, follow our Twitter account.

Real-time insight

In the event of emergencies and crisis situations, you’ll want to know where your employees are. If anything happens, you can rest assured that we’ll already be working for you. We know exactly which passengers are at which destinations and on which flights, and you’ll be informed if your employees are involved in an emergency situation. You can also use our Track & Trace tool in Tripdrive. For less than one euro per booking, you get real-time insight into the whereabouts of your business travellers.

Limiting risks

We know our way around the world and we also know the risks associated with certain destinations, such as the lack of reliable health care or rescue services. We can also help and advise you with regard to your travel policy and how to adapt it in the event of emergencies such as  the current outbreak of the coronavirus. Your organisation will need to consider carefully whether to restrict or stop travel to affected areas.

Safe partner in business travel

Your safety is our commitment. You can book all your business trips safely with VCK Travel. Would you like to find out what we could do for you or get more information about our Tripdrive tool? Contact your Account Manager, who will be happy to tell you more.

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"Book your business trips safely with VCK Travel"