Bilbao is ready to be discovered during your event!

Bilbao is the largest city of the Basque Country and lies in Northern Spain. It’s no longer a typical bleak industrial town. It has had a thorough makeover, and since the arrival of the world-famous Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao can easily equal cities like Barcelona and Madrid. It’s time to explore this great city as part of your next corporate incentive!

Bilbao is buzzing like never before. Experience its culture, shops and nightlife, the cosy restaurants and hospitable hotels, and, of course, the nearby wine region: La Rioja. Besides the Guggenheim Museum, with a very impressive art collection, you will find many other interesting attractions. Travelling by push scooter, it will hardly take time to discover the city’s most important hotspots. The old city centre, Casco Viejo, is particularly worthwhile. Feast your eyes and enjoy the most beautiful old gables, narrow streets and churches.

Let yourself be surprised by culinary delights. The city’s many great chefs know all about cooking heavenly food. It’s not for nothing that you’ll find several Michelin-star restaurants here. Not to be missed are the ‘pintxos’, the Basque version of tapas. You can enjoy these refined culinary snacks while you stand, accompanied by a good glass of wine, cider or beer. For a true culinary work of art, you should head to Siete Calles. And the real culinary connoisseur cannot do without a pinxtos tour frequenting Bar Bilbao, Café Iruña, La Granja, Victor, El Perro Chico, and El Arandia de Julen.

Are you a fan of Spanish wine? Only an hour’s drive away from Bilbao, you’ll find one of Spain’s most important wine regions: La Rioja! There’s a good chance that your favourite wine is produced here. Go for a walk through the beautiful countryside, visit the various bodegas, and taste lots of delicious wines.

Are you ready for a combination of culture, teambuilding and relaxation? Your team will find lots of inspiration in Bilbao! Just contact our Corporate Events Team to discuss possibilities for your event. 

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"Bilbao is ready to be discovered during your event!"

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