Become a Qbiz member and benefit from the advantages

If you fly with Qatar Airways during your business trips, you can become a member of Qbiz, the Qatar Airways Corporate Loyalty programme to enjoy all the benefits this program has to offer.

Qbiz is suitable for both companies with a high percentage of business flights, as well as for companies with fewer business trips. In both cases, travel costs can be saved. Qbiz offers benefits for you as the traveller and for the organization you are traveling for. For example, passengers who are a member of the Qatar Airways Privilege Club save personal points (Qmiles) during each trip, but when they mention the Qbiz membership number when booking a ticket, they will also save Qmiles for the company. The Qmiles can be redeemed for flights, upgrades or extra baggage. For companies that are affiliated with the Qbiz program and operate in the Marine and Offshore sectors, Qatar Airways offers extra advantage and double Qmiles will be earned when making a booking for the special seafarer rates. For more information about the Qatar Airways Corporate Loyalty programme or assistance in booking your ticket, please contact our Travel Consultants. They are ready to help you.

Source: Qatar Airways

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"Become a Qbiz member and benefit from the advantages"

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