Anti-jetlag tips for business travellers

Business travellers may experience jet lag during the many trips they make to long-distance destinations.  There are several tips to prevent or deal with jetlag, so you can function optimally during your business trip in a different time zone.

Jetlag comes with unpleasant symptoms, such as fatigue, insomnia, loss of appetite or cravings at odd times, irritability and concentration problems. This is very inconvenient if you have an important meeting and need to function optimally. So here are a few anti-jetlag tips:

  • Help your biological clock by aligning your watch with the time zone of your final destination on departure and adjusting your eating and sleeping rhythm.
  • Don’t remain seated for long periods of time during the flight, but move sufficiently and do stretch exercises.
  • Don’t drink alcohol on your flight, but drink plenty of water, and enjoy a light, healthy meal.

We hope that these anti-jetlag tips will help you fight your jetlag. Have a good journey!

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"Anti-jetlag tips for business travellers"

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