AirGo-M app now upgraded and free to download

Worldmate and Tripit, the world’s most widely used travel apps, recently changed hands, leaving users with a disrupted and unreliable service. That’s why many business travellers have stopped using them. The other travel apps available either offer too few features or in other ways fail to meet the needs of our customers. That’s why VCK Travel has decided to develop a new platform of its own.

All your travel information within easy reach
AirGo-M automatically shows you all the bookings you have made, whether via our AirGo-M app or via our Travel Consultants. Besides enabling you to see all your travel documents (e.g., your airline tickets, hotel reservations and car hire details), the app also provides you with access to other useful information (e.g., about other airports, terminals and gates) anywhere in the world.

Secure data
At VCK, security has the highest priority. Our travellers can rest assured that their details are safe. All data are saved locally in an encrypted database, and users of the app are authenticated by means of a telephone number and only have access to their own data.

The first version of AirGo-M is free and available for download in Apple’s App Store and Google Play. The next version is scheduled to be issued in a few weeks, with even more benefits. AirGo-M is continually under development: our team of developers is working every day on improvements and new features. Would you like more information about AirGo-M? If so, please go to the or contact our Travel Consultants.

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"AirGo-M app now upgraded and free to download"

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