Aeromexico expands free messaging service

On the Dreamliners of its entire long-haul fleet, including on the Amsterdam-Mexico City flight, Aeromexico offers a free messaging service. This enables passengers to make use of chat apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and iMessages during the flight, at no extra charge.

Aeromexico first launched this service in March on its Boeing 737 aircraft. The service is now being expanded to all long-haul flights, including flights to Europe, Asia and South America.

The service is really simple to use. You put your device in flight mode and switch on Wi-Fi. Connect with the ‘Aeromexico Wi-Fi’ network, go to, and select Free Messaging. You can then use the chat apps during the entire flight. If you also want to use e-mail, surf the internet and/or stream videos, you can buy an additional in-flight internet package.

Do you have questions about this new service offered by Aeromexico? Please contact our Travel Consultants for more information.

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"Aeromexico expands free messaging service"

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