Accessibility of Rotterdam The Hague Airport

As of the end of August, it will be easier to get to Rotterdam The Hague Airport. The regional transport concession in the Haaglanden region is being taken over by EBS. As a result, the bus network is about to see several changes.

The most advantageous change for business travellers is that the 37 bus line will be expanded. This means you can travel directly to the airport from The Hague Leyenburg via Delft train station. This service will run twice an hour for most of the day, shortening the travel time to the airport for passengers from The Hague and Delft.

As of 2024, the airport will also be easier to get to by car, thanks to the construction of the A16 Rotterdam, a new stretch of motorway that will be eleven kilometres long. Construction started in March this year. The new motorway will be entirely energy-neutral, including noise-absorbing tarmac and noise barriers alongside the road.

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"Accessibility of Rotterdam The Hague Airport"