Here you will find all the information you want to know about our tool Profiles. The information is included in ‘frequently asked questions’. Is your question not listed or do you want other information about using Profiles? Then please contact the Account Management department of VCK Travel. Please call +31 20 – 6800 812 or mail to

Frequently asked questions

What is Profiles?
Profiles is a web-based tool that VCK Travel makes available to customers for managing and creating traveller profiles. Profiles is linked to the booking systems VCK Travel works with.

How is the security of Profiles guaranteed?
The Profiles tool is not managed by VCK Travel but by Umbrella, which is linked to VCK Travel’s system. The online application is ISO 27001 certified and meets the PCI DSS security standard. This means that some sensitive information is encrypted such as credit card number etc.

How should Profiles be managed?
A Profile Manager is required to manage Profiles login. You can choose to have all mutations run through this Profile Manager or you can choose to have the travellers manage their own profile. It is important that existing profiles are regularly updated and old profiles, of employees who no longer travel for you, are removed to prevent abuse.

What is a profile manager and why is it there?
A profile manager can be someone who is responsible for business travel in your organization, but also someone from HRM, for example. This is because it is important that a new traveller’s profile is created in Profiles when employees who are also going to travel on business for you are hired. And when you retire, the profile must be removed to prevent abuse. We recommend that you also appoint a second profile manager, and perhaps even use a general e-mail address for this purpose for business continuity purposes.

If I don’t have login details for Profiles, what should I do?
Please contact VCK Travel account support at They will process your request further. You will then receive your login credentials which must be activated within 48 hours.

Can a trip be booked without an up to date traveller profile?
This is possible, but the exact name according to passport has to be given. It is also possible that other passport information is required in connection with the destination of the trip. There are also airlines that want to receive the traveller’s mobile number in the booking. For questions about this, please contact the booking office.

Which data can be processed in a travellers profile?
The personal data of the traveller including passport number, credit card details, frequent flyer card, dietary requirements, etc.

You want to make a booking, but the Travel Consultant indicates that your traveller profile is not up to date. What now?
VCK Travel is not an administrator of the traveller profiles. You need to contact the profile manager within your organisation. This can be someone who is responsible for business travel or someone from HRM. The profile manager can edit the traveller profile.

Where is the management of the traveller profiles in Profiles?
Your organization is responsible for the traveller profiles. VCK Travel does not manage them, cannot make any changes, nor can it create new profiles or delete old ones. The profile manager of your organisation can help you if changes need to be made.

Can a link be made between Profiles and an HRM system?
Yes that is certainly possible and one of the many advantages of the Profiles tool. Please contact the account manager of VCK Travel to receive more information about this.

A traveler profile is missing in Profiles. What now?
Please contact the profile manager within your company to add a new traveler profile.

Does your company/business use our Self Booking Tool AirGo?
You do not need access to Profiles, as passenger profiles are managed in the AirGo tool. However, if there are business units that do not use the Self Booking Tool, a Profile Manager must be appointed for these units to access Profiles.