COVID-19 map rules per country

COVID-19 provides all kinds of corona measures and travel restrictions. Now that we are waking up from the lockdown, we look ahead: How can you restart your business travel and what are the possibilities? We would like to support you in this.

By means of the map below we offer you per country the information you need to plan your next business trip. The five different colours indicate the level of restrictions. These are not travel advice, as can be found on Nederland Wereldwijd of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but these are the rules and restrictions that apply in the country.

Do you have a question about the possibilities or would you like to book a business trip? Please contact your Travel Consultant and they will help you with a personal advice tailored to your needs.

Other useful links are: This card is made possible by data collected from multiple sources. Due to rapidly changing restrictions it is impossible to verify all content.