Business events and travel with COVID-19

The organization of events and business travel is different with COVID-19, where we have to take extra measures into account. We certainly do not see this as a hindrance, but always look for suitable alternatives for your business event. Whether this is an online event, a hybrid event or a physical event. We have already adapted our working method to this, so that you don’t have to think about this yourself anymore. We relieve you completely, also when it comes to corona related issues.


For a physical event we take into account the local restrictions for your transport or location (meeting, activity or overnight stay). It is important to comply with your Duty of Care at events as well, which is why we have drawn up a checklist. We share this checklist with our local partners which describes the rules we think a location should comply with. Think about this:

  • sufficient distance between the guests
  • marked walking routes and waiting areas
  • protective equipment for personnel, such as mouth guards or plexiglass splash guards
  • presence of disinfectant and tissues
  • frequent cleaning of rooms, furniture, toilets and other contact points
  • coronaproof serving lunch and dinner

In case of an assignment on a location, we will inform you how this will be arranged on site. Of course we also organize online or hybrid events, the possibilities are huge and also with beautiful digital ingredients we can provide an online menu. Our Project Managers will be happy to help you with this.

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